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Support your young people

Supporting your students and graduates is the best way help them succeed. Great school, university or workplace culture, tools that support positive routine & structure and holistic wellbeing offerings - Give them the support they need from a digital community they recognise.

Built with you
Working with you and your graduates to design a programme that best supports confidence & wellbeing within your school, workplace or Uni.

Bespoke classes
Book specific classes, workshops, and events just for your school or graduate team, in a bespoke programme built just for your company.

100 + sessions
50+ live community classes & 60+
on-demand sessions skills workshops each month. Yoga, meditation, HIIT & fitness, Barre & Pilates + more.

Mentoring network, resources and tools to help your graduate nail it in the workplace - Positive routining, confidence tool kit & leadership skills. *launching 2022

In person retreats
Additional in-person events, classes and retreats, either at your FEI or workplace or make it an away day to help cultivate community!

Book private 121 sessions with our expert teachers & trainers for pupils and graduates that need that extra bit of support and care.

Expert & passionate team of teachers.

Learn & grow through trusted knowledge, community &  teachers.

Built for Your team.

We will create a space built just for you and your grads. we are hear to listen to what you want.

Always here to give You more

'it's never finished' - we promise to continually improve what we offer you & how we deliver it.

See the value & track your journey.

Use our mood, data and journey trackers to see more value in what You & your team do with us.

Email us below to get chat through our service.

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