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Reconnection, movement and community

Hello, we are Student Stretch. We are on a mission to reconnect students through movement, mindfulness and meditation, helping students add headspace to their daily routine. We aim to empower all individuals through the practice of yoga, movement and meditation by creating an inclusive community, where all students feel safe and confident. We want to provide all those who seek it, the tools to learn, grow and find confidence, self balance and union through the practice and enjoyment of Yoga, movement and mindfulness. 

We aim to help students build awareness and confidence through a thoughtfully curated selection of classes and sessions, from Yoga (asana); dynamic practice to restore and recover, to HIIT and Barre workouts. There is something for everyone.

Food for thought.

Staying in the moment and being in the now

Aligning thought and movement, breath and body.

Consciously emptuing the mind

Being thought-free

non-judgement and acceptance of self & others.

Other resource and further learning.

We recognise & acknowledge that there are 8 limbs of yoga and that the asana (posture) is just one small part. We aim to respect and educate our student community on its cultural origins & the spiritual significance of yoga in all our classes. Check out our blog.




12+ livestream classes each week with a mixture of Yoga, HIIT, barre and meditation. 

 Come practice with are team and get connected to other students at the same time. Join our ever-growing community.

Single from in from £2/session or buy a pricing plan for weekly/monthly memberships from £4.




Missed a session, no worries you can catch all our previous session via our on-demand service. Practice when you like.

Single sessions for £2/session 

Monthly subscription - £15/month unlimited access.

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12+ Touch-point classes and weekends away. 

Afford student focused retreats all about reconnection, movement and creating headspace. 

Launching soon. Pre-register your interest





We have connected with thousands of students, helping them move, reconnect and switch-off from the business of uni life.

The number above is are ever-growing booking tally and are continually growing community. Join us. 

Move to plant a tree.


We have teamed up with Ecologi so when you move, meditation or connection with us, they plant a tree. You can check out are 'Student Stretch forest' here and see how we are growing is going!


retreat with us.


Launching soon, a series of movement student focused retreats. Affordable fun, connecting you back to humanity and surrounded by the great outdoors. Pre-register with the QR code about and be in the know.

are only footprint is on the mat!

With no need to travel to class, no plastic water bottles, no physical studio spaces, are only footprint is on the mat!