Live happier, healthier - mind, body & soul

Student Stretch is a digital destination built for students and graduates - a community platform to connect, move, inspire and grow together. 

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We think all students and graduates should be able to access tools, resources and a community that champions leading 
a happy & healthy life - mind, body and soul.

Of students often feel a sense of loneliness and worry and 5% always feel lonely & worried.

Of you now workout at home to support & maintain a healthy lifestyle as you say your uni services doesn't have a good enough offering and 
in-person options are out of budget. 

77% of students say you highly value health and wellness as part of your lifestyle  - that's 25% higher after Covid.



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Not perfect, not polished just human & real

This is space is about 'coming as You are', to express yourself through the activities and passions you love.

Whether that's HIIT & fitness sessions, healthy eating recipes, Yoga & meditation, creative workshops like painting, pottery or even talks & events - this space is for you to connect, move, grow, learn and let off some steam.

It's Your place to be uniquely You - mind, body and soul.


Live and on-demand

A holistic multidiscipline offering of classes, workshops, talks & events to support you mind, body & soul.

Fitness, Yoga, meditation & mindfulness 
Creative workshops & events
Guest speakers, Q&A + talks 

*Mentoring network
Confidence and wellbeing tools

*Mentoring network & creative art workshops launching soon.

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Join the community  -connect with others

Our community is built for You with You - our focus is about creating a space for you to explore your own uniqueness. It's not perfect, not polished but it's real and this means you don't have to be perfect either, just turn up and be yourself!

Leave loneliness at the door and create community with students across the world in our online network and mentoring program to inspire your personal journey together.

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Network through interests - learn & grow 

Grow through common interests and passions to make this space truly your own. Gain access to things you love and learn more through topics, articles & blogs and networking.


Tips & hacks for leading a healthy lifestyle, tools to nail uni and grad-life and a mentoring network to support you towards success - this space is to learn and grow in our own unique way.


Why join our community?

Expert & passionate team of teachers.

Learn & grow through trusted knowledge, community &  teachers.

Built for You with You. 

This space was built for You with You - we are hear to listen to what you want.

Always here to give You more

'it's never finished' - we promise to continually improve what we offer you & how we deliver it.

See the value & track your journey.

Use mood, data and journey trackers to see more value in what You do with us.

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What are community say

I often found university difficult and overwhelming, and when googling ‘ways to calm down’ I came across Student Stretch. What I didn’t realise at the time was just how many benefits it had; a few months later, I feel my body and mind are far more connected, my strength, balance and flexibility have improved, and with added awareness I’m able to feel and befriend sensations – however uncomfortable or difficult. 

Emma, Cambridge University 

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